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Carl Winters modifies his presentations to accommodate all age groups.
Having fun and learning are the main objectives as he plays jazz, blues, gospel, Negro Spirituals, pop, children songs and original songs to solicit total physical response from participants. All age groups are allowed to touch and play the kalimbas.

Ages 3-11 (public school assemblies and libraries)

This group engages in call and response, chanting, singing, dance and movement. Also, a large map is used to illustrate the countries that feature the kalimba. Props and puppets are used to keep the presentation lively and memorable. 

Ages 12-17 (middle and high school assemblies)

The same approach is used as is in the 3-11 age group. However, props and puppets are omitted. This presentation has a hip hop flavor to make it more contemporay and appealing for this group. 

Ages 18 and over (universities and colleges)

This presentation incorporates more lecture, discussion, questions and answers  as well as the music performance. This allows Winters to demystify the kalimba and clear up some of the misconceptions associated with it. 

Winters is also available for church, bookstore, festival and convalescent home engagements.